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InterLenguis helps you not only with learning Spanish but also with other aspects to make your stay in Spain comfortable and unique, offering our additional services: visa service, medical insurance, travel insurance and transfers.

Service for the visa

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It is essential to have a visa to study in Spain for a duration longer than a certain period if you are a student who does not belong to a country in the European Union. But, not all students need a visa. The need for a visa depends on your origin and the time you are going to be in Spain.

If a visa is necessary, you will have to process it at the Spanish Consulate in your country. At InterLenguis we help you get your visa by offering information.

Health insurance

Estetoscopio del médico

Taking out health insurance is important to be able to receive medical assistance during your stay in Spain. Additionally, for the visa process, it may be necessary to have medical insurance that covers certain requirements.

Insurance is not included in the price, but InterLenguis offers extra insurance that we recommend our students take out.

Travel insurance

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While traveling and staying in a foreign country, many unforeseen things, both good and bad, can happen. Taking out travel insurance can provide a wide range of benefits and services in case of emergency such as trip cancellation, lost luggage, flight delay and many more.

At InterLenguis we offer you information about travel insurance.


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At InterLenguis we offer you the extra pick-up service at the point of arrival in Spain and transfer service to the city where you study, which involves an additional cost.

If you want to make the transfer from your point of arrival in Spain to your destination more comfortable,

Take advantage of our additional service!

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