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In summer courses for young learners, we have 3 specific courses: summer course for young learners, superintensive summer course and summer camp. You can choose the right course for you based on your needs and schedule.


All levels

Number of students

Max. 10-15 / class

Class duration

55 minutes

InterLenguis Certificate

At the completion of the course

Summer course for young learners

From €1,150 / two weeks

Chicos jóvenes sonríen en el aire libre

The Summer course for young learners is a leisure program that is characterized by being ALL INCLUSIVE with a variety of activities that will help you get to know Spanish life in addition to learning the language. These activities are dynamic, motivating and participatory so that you can put into practice everything you have learned in Spanish, get to know our customs and make international friends.

Summer programs for young people for the student to improve their level of Spanish or English.

Superintensive summer course

From €630 / two weeks

Dos chicas jóvenes con gafas de sol sonríen

The Superintensive summer course is designed and thought for young learners that want to make the most of their time and learn Spanish rapidly and intensively during summer months.

InterLenguis offers this course thinking about learning the language effectively, practicing conversation and working on all language skills (oral and written expression, oral and written comprehension, oral interaction, etc.).

The course is based on 6 daily classes that include class totally focused to conversation and Hispanic culture and 3 activities with a guide where you will discover and enjoy Spain. Our classes will be developed with a native teacher in completely dynamic and practical form.

Summer camps

From €170 / one week

Tres chicos jóvenes sonríen viendo su móvil

InterLenguis summer camps are a unique opportunity to learn Spanish or English with international children and adolescents between 8 and 17 years old. It is the best option for enjoying summer in Spain learning a new language and making international friends for life.

These camps have the aim of making the children and teenagers enjoy a formative and fun summer in the learning of Spanish or English apart from a cultural exchange that will enrich the student thanks to the program that is developed by our leaders.

At InterLenguis we have thought of giving you several possible Summer Camp options so that they can adapt to your needs.

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