Spanish courses

What are our Spanish courses like?

InterLenguis offers a personalized learning method, which deals with Spanish competences in class with a Spanish cultural immersion.

● Linguistic immersion through Spanish practising what it is learnt in class.
● Learning of Spanish grammar and vocabulary effortlessly.
● Practice and improvement in Spanish conversation.

● Ability of speaking, reading, writing, understanding and interacting in Spanish.
● Personalized monitoring of the student with the possibility of having personal tutoring in order to resolve doubts and reinforce with new activities/exercises.

● Didactic material will be given according to each level.
● Textbook.
● Trips and cultural activities/leisure.
● Each week we will develop free conferences with the aim of introducing the student to the Spanish culture dealing with interest cultural topics of the region and the country such as Spanish art, literature, traditions and myths of each Spanish community and history among others.

● It will be carried out a continuous evaluation of the student to prove his/her academic progress.
● Before concluding the course, a grammatical knowledge test will be held.
● Once the course is concluded, you will receive a free certificate from InterLenguis School verifying your Spanish level. In order to obtain our certificate, it is required a minimum attendance of 90% of the classes.
● Native teachers with experience and qualified in Spanish ELE teaching.

● Reduced groups of a maximum of 10 students that actively participate in the learning.
● Interactive learning between teachers and students.

● InterLenguis provides with a general schedule system for each course with the possibility of working with flexibility so that covers all the students’ necessities.
● Continuity between levels in order to progress with the Spanish learning.

Spanish programs

Thanks to the diversity of programmes that we offer in InterLenguis school you will succeed with your Spanish. Explore the language through the variety of courses adapted to your necessities.

Estudiantes internacionales aprenden en un curso

General courses

General courses are the perfect option to get the best of you stay in Spain learning its language and culture, and what is more, we will make you go deep in the Spanish-speaking ability exploring the language.

We offer you an amazing variety of general courses so that you can enjoy your dream stay in Spain, and therefore, study the one which more adapt to you own necessities and schedules.

Chica joven estudia para el examen

Preparation courses for official exams

If you want to certify your level of Spanish, InterLenguis offers you preparation courses for official exams. We propose the DELE exam preparation if you are looking for accrediting your level with a Spanish certificate that is internationally renowned.

In the same way that we offer you the possibility of doing the online SIELE exam if what you are looking for is the official certification of your Spanish level and therefore, be able to apply for undergraduate or postgraduate degree, or even carry out our Spanish business program to pass the Madrid’s Chamber of Commerce.

Dos chicas aprenden haciendo la conversación

Special Spanish courses

Our special Spanish programmes consist on a wide range of courses focus on specific areas of Spanish.

We offer private classes with a personal teacher to solve grammatical doubts individually or to practise in conversation, Premium Courses with supervised training, Courses for Groups or Spanish Family Courses if you wish to live a unique experience in Spain with your friends or your family, Sabbatical Year Course for enjoying a long stay of total immersion in Spain.

Finally, don’t forget our Civilization and Culture or Literature Courses if you need to go deep in some relevant aspects of the Hispanic world.

Jóvenes estudian con un ordenador en el aire libre

Summer courses for young learners

InterLenguis offers three options for international young people that take place during the summer months (June, July and August) in which international and Spanish students will enjoy a fantastic stay in Spain and discover Spanish culture and traditions in addition to learning the language.

The stay in Spain offers a number of cultural and leisure plans and activities that are included along with the activities of the InterLenguis program, in addition to the excursions that take place on Saturdays of each weekend.

Without any doubt, this is a unique and incredible opportunity to begin the Spanish learning together with young students with who you will live day by day and form international group of friends for life.

Learn Spanish with various activities

gente con vestidas tradicionales practican una fiesta local en un pueblo
Jóvenes felices se toman la foto

We offer a variety of activities in different destinations with which our students can complete their Spanish courses and make the most of the stay in Spain. You can choose the activities that suit your needs, preferences and your destinations where you learn Spanish. It is a great opportunity for reinforcing the Spanish classes in an enjoyable, dynamic and interactive way.

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