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We want to enable our students the stay in Spain, that is why we offer the option of accommodation, which it can be selected together with the desired Spanish course.

We provide with a great variety of accommodations of excellent quality, totally equipped and of an affordable price so that our students can choose the one that better adapt to their necessities and tastes. Students can choose whether they live with a Spanish family, shared flat, a residence, an apartment or even if they wish to, they can choose the option of living in a hotel or a hostel.

Tres chicas de un piso compartido sonríen viendo su teléfono móvil

Shared flat

The comfort and quality offered by our shared apartments are a great option during your course. You will also meet international students and share unique experiences. You will have absolute independence and freedom to live your experience as well as a free immersion.

Chica joven cocina galletas con una señora

Host family

This accommodation in host family homes for students in Spain is perfect for young people who want to live in everyday life as part of a family and see Spanish customs and culture up close.

Tres jóvenes hablando delante de una residencia de estudiantes

Student residence

The university residences for students have an intellectual environment as well as a welcoming and comfortable environment that houses a wonderful community of Spanish and international students.

Chica joven estudiando en su apartamento

Student apartment

The apartment for rent is the perfect accommodation for students seeking privacy, intimacy and living at their own pace. It is a type of private accommodation that provides great tranquility to the student, living without noise, without anyone bothering, that is, a suitable environment to be able to review the Spanish content learned during the courses.

Cama blanca de un hotel


If the student wish to have a comfortable stay and at the same time full of privacy, the hotel or aparthotel option is the most recommended. The student will live with intimacy, independently and with all commodities at his/her disposal.

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