About us

About us

Welcome to InterLenguis

InterLenguis is a modern Spanish school located in Spain.

The objective of our school is to teach Spanish to our international students, from the language to the customs and life styles, making them enjoy the unforgettable experience.

InterLenguis offers you a unique opportunity that ensures you enjoy your stay and learn like nowhere else.

Come study Spanish with us, we are waiting for you at InterLenguis!

Estudiante sonríe teniendo un libro

School accreditations

Why learn Spanish at Interleguis

Central location

Our schools and accommodations are located in the center of the city, close to points of interest, so you can get around easily on foot.

Quality learning

We guarantee a learning of quality providing you with the best teachers specialized in ELE, prepared for helping you at any time and for making you triumph with the Spanish.

Variety of programs

Our school offers a broad range of courses and programs adapted to the students’ necessities.

Accommodation options

We facilitate the accommodation to all the students of the school who wish to, offering different options for you to choose the one you prefer. We allow the accommodation change at any time.

We are a big family

In InterLenguis we are a big family with which you can count and it will always help you, the proximity of our team will make you feel comfortable and will make your experience to be unique.

Various activities

Apart from the study, we organize many activities for the students to integrate themselves, enjoy and can keep good memories.

Unforgettable experience

You will have a unique experience in addition to learning Spanish thanks to the help of our teachers who are involved every day in their work and in making sure that the students get the most out of their stay.

The best facilities

Our modern school presents the best facilities because our principal worry is your conformity during your stay with us.

Our methodology

  • 1
    We impart 6 levels of learning (A1. A2, B1, B2, C1. C2) according to the Cervantes Institute and MCER.
  • 2
    Communication is the foundation of our method.
  • 3
    Language and culture combination.
  • 4
    Reduced groups of 10 students per class.
  • 5
    Specialized ELE teachers highly qualified, young and dynamic.
  • 6
    Adapted classes to you personal and professional interests.


Meet our teachers

The teachers at the InterLenguis school specialized in ELE will guide and accompany you throughout your learning and stay with us. You will have our support and help at all times. We assure you comfort and quality of learning thanks to our qualified teachers and our modern facilities.

Our students

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